Sep, 2015

Why many allergies resolve under today’s chiropractic care.

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After a couple of decades of working with families, there is a familiar scene: mom coming in with her child, dark circles under little Johnny’s eyes, a list of medications, and 50+ days of missed school each year. Sadly, it’s predictable.


Anything from gluten, cats, dogs, grass, or even seasonal. Little Johnny is in a constant battle against the world and both he and his mom are exhausted.

More medications, more sensitivity tests, more elimination diets. They just can’t keep up.

They have maybe been told by a co-worker or neighbour about chiropractic and they are in my office, completely confused as to what a “back pain specialist” has to offer them. It seems completely ridiculous but they are SO desperate, they are ready to try anything.

That’s frustrating for me because I have seen dozens of kids, teens, and adults get off their allergy medication and beat their sensitivities with the care today’s chiropractor can provide.

I often wonder if I was given access to sit in an allergy specialist’s office and talk to parents about how today’s chiropractic heals the body from the inside; would that change the direction of their children’s lives? Absolutely.

But I know if I did that I’d be thrown out on my “ear”. Meanwhile, the only option these parents are generally given is more medication, a pat on the back and told to hang in there.

What chiropractic has been doing for the last 120 years.

Let me give you some examples of what the most cutting edge research in Chiropractic shows:

“Chiropractic helps reverse neuro-degeneration. (Diseases like alzheimer’s, dementia, parkinson’s, MS, etc)” (Lipton 1994 & 2011 Research)

“Chiropractic helps you express your DNA and can actually help change bad gene expression into good gene expression.” (called epigenetics…Francis 2011 Research)

“Chiropractic can slow the aging of every organ in your body.” (lengthens telomeres…Blackburn 2009 Research)

“Chiropractic improves brain activity and function.” (2007 Neurophysiology Research)

“Chiropractic is not best used as a pain reliever; Chiropractic is best used to help every man, woman, and child express their full physical, chemical, and emotional potential.”

Dr. Dan Sulivian

“Chiropractic improves immune function.” (2004 & 2011 Research)

And it is the last research focus that helps with allergies.

The problem isn’t the air that we breathe, the neighbour’s cat, or the grass. It’s the bodies ability to react appropriately to that pollen, dander, or food.

A normal and healthy immune response is not an allergic reaction. Today’s chiropractic works to restore proper nerve system function so your immune system doesn’t go crazy.

Today’s chiropractic creates margin so your body can function and heal.

That’s where we see the changes in allergies, but also headaches, back pain, sinus infections, bowel conditions, hormone imbalances. . . . .

If your nerve system is blocked by a subluxation (spinal shift interfering with nerve flow), your body will not heal or function the way it was designed.

That’s the greatest advantage with today’s chiropractic, it deals with the underlying structure and cause, not just symptoms.

And that’s what most of my clients are looking for.

They are tired of health strategies that are just scratching the surface: they want true, authentic, inside out healing.

This is exactly what corrective chiropractic care offers and it’s exciting stuff!

Just leave a comment below or contact us at our office (250-870-9136) and we’ll try our best to connect you with a chiropractor in your area that does corrective work.



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