Webinars and 100+Living Talks

Free Webinars; The 100+Living Plan

Do you want to live your longest and best life? Possibly even to 100 years and beyond?  Lighthouse Chiropractic offers free webinars  giving you knowledge and advice to integrate health and wellness into you daily routine.  Dr. Graham Jenkins with over a twenty year experience as a chiropractor in Kelowna uses webinar technology to share his knowledge on how you and your family can transform your health.


Nutrition Hacks that Mainstream Nutritionists and Doctor’s Don’t Want You to Know: 2017 Edition – Jan. 30th   – Click Here to Watch the Reply Now


100+Living Beating Heart Disease from the Inside Out

Feb. 22nd at 7pm  – Click Here to Watch the Replay Now

Building a Titanium Reinforced Immune System to Avoid Cancer

March 21st at 7pm – Watch the Replay Here

How to get a good nights sleep and wake refreshed everyday.

April 25th at 7pm – Watch the Replay Here

How to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease Without Drugs

May 30th at 7pm – Watch the Replay Here

correcting scoliosis, chiropractic, posture, back pain, neck pain, neurology,

Correcting Scoliosis; How 2 Maverick Doctors are Fixing the Unfixable.

June 27th at 7pm – Watch the Replay Here

The Depression Epidemic; What is it that we are missing?

Monday June 27th at 7pm –Watch the Replay Here

Broken Brain Syndrome; How to treat your body and heal your brain.

Monday June 27th at 7pm – Click Here to Watch The Replay Now