Oct, 2015

The importance of CoEnzyme Q10 in people taking Statin Medication

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The October 13, 2015 online version of Life Extension Magazine (http://www.lifeextension.com) reported on a September 2015 finding that people on statin medication were at risk for CoEnzyme Q10 deficiency.

This was affirmed in six separate studies. 

Why is CoEnzyme Q10 so important?

According to the Mayo Clinic 1 if you have low levels of Co Enzyme Q10 it can result in heart failure, high blood pressure, and chest pain.

The Maryland School of Medicine says Coenzyme Q10 is a substance that helps convert food into energy. CoQ10 is found in almost every cell in the body, and it is a powerful antioxidant.

Preliminary clinical studies suggest that CoQ10 may improve immune function in people with HIV or AIDS, increase sperm motility, improving male fertility, be used as part of the treatment for Parkinson disease, improve exercise ability in people with angina and even help prevent migraines. 2

With all these benefits why don’t cardiologist automatically recommend CoEnzyme Q10?

For some medical doctors it is a common recommendation (and has been for years). But for many to recommend a natural supplement it “goes against the grain.”

According to Joseph Mercola, a prominent alternative doctor “it is medical malpractice to prescribe a statin drug without recommending one take CoQ10, or better yet ubiquinol.” 3

Will this mean recommendations are changing?

Hopefully with this study in their own journal’s medical doctors will start to see the necessity in prescribing CoEnzyme Q10 when they hand out a prescription for statin medication.

What kind of CoEnzyme Q10 should you be taking and how much?

If you’re under 25 years old your body is capable of converting CoQ10 from the oxidized to the reduced form. However, if you’re older, your body becomes more and more challenged to convert the oxidized CoQ10 to ubiquinol.

As for the dosage, most people benefit from taking 100–200 mg of CoQ10 daily. But this dose may be doubled or tripled if conditions warrant.

If this is news to you or your loved ones.

If this is news to you and you are on statins then it would be advised to do some research in the links I have provided with this article. Read directly from the source.

Talk to people in the business.

I also recommend getting out to your local health supplement store and talk to a knowledgable staff person. They can explain the benefits of regular Co Q10 vs. ubiquinol.

Excellent health coaching.

The best “health coaching” for most people comes in the form of a corrective chiropractic office. They often have literature and resources that can help you make sense of all the “noise” in the health care world today. And they have just as many years education as your medical doctor, just from a different perspective.

Or if you are having trouble finding a chiropractor in your area that specializes in postural correction then connect with us. Leave a comment below or contact us at our office (250-870-9136) and we’ll try our best to connect you with a chiropractor in your area that does corrective work.


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