Jun, 2016

You don’t have to be a teenager to have technology neck and is it really that devastating?

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How the shape of your neck effects the rest of your spine

This week Dr. Ken and I were discussing some of the content we are going to cover in our correcting scoliosis webinar.
He was sharing with me some incredible research about how important the nerve’s in the upper neck are for the entire spine.
The study he was referencing was about chiropractors correcting the curve in the neck and how the nerve system of those patients corrected the scoliosis in the mid and lower back. Mind boggling!
Now that may be completely confusing to you but we are going to share with you in our webinar on correcting scoliosis, how and why that happens.
So if you want to make sense of this incredible discovery, REGISTER HERE.

The magnificence of the human body and brain

Research like this still leaves me in awe of the ability of the human body to heal.
And it also reminds me that we still are learning.

Technology neck and sitting at work

With research like this you can see why as chiropractors who focus on spinal and neurological correction are concerned with the use of technology and the amount of time we spend sitting.
Both of these activities cause a tremendous amount of slow and steady damage to your spine and neck.
The biggest challenge is that bending over your technology or sitting at work doesn’t cause pain today. It causes a slow erosion of your posture over time.

More dangerous than a car accident

I think this type of physical stress on your spine and nerve system can be more damaging than an obvious trauma like a car accident or sports injury.
At least with trauma, people know they are hurt and most people do something about it.
Sitting at work and bending over technology just erodes your spinal and neurological health without you really knowing about it.
Yes, you may have a stiff lower back and neck after you get out of your office chair but usually once you get moving that stiffness goes away.

It’s what you don’t know that hurts you

What also is going on is a reprogramming of your posture centers in your brain and central nerve system.
Your nerve system is un-learning what proper upright posture looks like and this damaging pattern is reinforced with every hour we sit or are curled over our mobile devices.
So even though you are standing, or working out and moving around, your nerve system’s dominant pattern is sitting or curled down over your device.
This causes the slow erosion of posture over time, damages the delicate joints of your spine and ultimately will cause chronic pressure on your nerve system.

Even then you may not feel it

And even after that, you may not have any pain at all.
Depending on the type of nerve that is getting hit, you may not feel any discomfort.
Researchers tell us that only 5-7% of the nerves in your body are designed to perceive pain. The rest are for function like digestion, muscle activation, liver function, heart beat and breathing (this is a long list).
So, hypothetically, you could have over 90% of your nerve system effected and you still “feel great”. Obviously that’s not likely but even if 20 or 25% of your nerves are effected you still could be very, very ill AND still feel like you are healthy.

For success in life you need to understand this fully

If you really want to live a long and healthy life then you need to understand this.
We have some incredible people in our community that can complete an ironman, do a marathon or swim across Lake Okanagan but they are not healthy.
They are accountants, lawyers and doctors that spend hours at their desks, typing away on their computers or going over files. They can complete a 10k run without too much thought but because they are only basing their health on how they are feeling (or looking) they may be missing a HUGE health risk.
Their posture and neurology.

Our webinar applies to you too. . .

If you have a spine, you need to check out our webinar on beating scoliosis. Because the concepts and strategies we are going to show you apply to you too.
We are going to focus on the most dramatic spinal problem that is out there but if you sit more than 5 hours a day, researchers tell us that you are at risk for what I talked about in this blog. Technology neck and the damage from sitting at work. And the slow erosion of your posture and the long term damage it’s causing to your central nerve system.
So if you’re planing on living a long and healthy life, you’ll want to join us for our next 100+Living webinar where we are going to show you exactly what you can do to ensure your nerve system is healthy for life.
Both Dr. Ken and I know it will change your attitude toward sitting at work, how much time you spend on your tech AND it will give you some SUPER PRACTICAL strategies that you can start the next day to radically change your long term health.
Talk to you soon,
Dr. J