Jun, 2016

You don’t have to be a teenager to have technology neck and is it really that devastating?

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How the shape of your neck effects the rest of your spine This week Dr. Ken and I were discussing some of the content we are going to cover in our correcting scoliosis webinar. He was sharing with me some incredible research about how important the nerve’s in the upper neck are for the entire spine. The study he was referencing was about chiropractors correcting the curve in the neck and how the nerve system of those patients corrected the scoliosis in the mid and lower back. Mind boggling! Now […]



May, 2016

What sitting can do to your morning workout; you’ll be surprised.

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Rethinking Exercise When most people think exercise they typically think activities like running or weight training. And your exercise is done for a relatively short period of time, then you head off to tackle the rest of your day. What researchers are learning is that working out by itself won’t compensate for the problems associated with sedentary behaviour. We need to think about activity, not just exercise. Standing vs. Sitting We are learning is that a standing body uses energy quite differently than a sitting body. Even to the point to […]



Feb, 2016

Why a wellness at work program is a no brainier.

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This week I had the tremendous honour of speaking at a special event hosted by our local Chamber of Commerce. It was for HR and wellness co-ordinators who want to improve their wellness at work programs. These are front line people who really care about the wellbeing of their workplace and get excited about improvements in their corporate culture. One of the attendees was from a company that was recently ranked in the top 100 employers in Canada and she was beaming. The problem HR and Wellness Co-ordinators face What […]