Jul, 2016

Go Barefoot!

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“Shoes do no more for the foot than a hat does for the brain.” Dr. Mercer Rang (renowned orthopedic surgeon and researcher in pediatric development). I played football in university for 3 years and during that time I don’t remember when I wasn’t nursing an ankle injury, calf strain or shin pain. This had become my “normal”. Going down the usual path In my second year I discovered custom orthotics. I initially thought that this was the magic bullet.  I thought the orthotics worked because they reduced my chronic shin […]



Jun, 2016

What is Scoliosis and Do You Have it and Not Know it?

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You won’t want to miss this webinar on correcting scoliosis This month Dr. Ken and I are going to tackle the myth that scoliosis can not be corrected. We are going to dedicate an entire webinar, several blog posts and a few extra You Tube video’s to how modern day neurological and structural chiropractors are changing this diagnosis from one of fear and hopelessness to something our clients don’t have to worry about. For the webinar link and registration CLICK HERE. What it takes to correct scoliosis Yes, it takes […]



Nov, 2015

How Technology can Change your Posture and your Life

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Have you ever seen the exact same thing create good and bad? I think the biggest culprit in recent years has been the internet and the devices we access the internet on (computers, tablets and smart phones). From mis-information, false research, horrible bigotry and hatred. As well as incredible resources, connection with distant family and loved ones, not to mention the incredible wealth of knowledge. These are two extreme ends of the spectrum. One good, one bad. Computers and Technology are destroying posture. Computers have been given a bad rep. […]