Jul, 2016

Concussion is not all in your head

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Some stat’s on concussion. . . 3.8 million concussions recorded in the USA, that’s double the number in 2002. Nearly 500,000 children were concussed. One third of concussions happen during practice (often not attended by doctors or trainers who know how to properly manage concussion). 20% of high school athletes will experience concussion during the sporting season and one third of those athletes will have a second concussion during that same season. The highest growth of concussion rates is in middle school athletes. There are half as many concussions in […]



Jun, 2016

What is Scoliosis and Do You Have it and Not Know it?

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You won’t want to miss this webinar on correcting scoliosis This month Dr. Ken and I are going to tackle the myth that scoliosis can not be corrected. We are going to dedicate an entire webinar, several blog posts and a few extra You Tube video’s to how modern day neurological and structural chiropractors are changing this diagnosis from one of fear and hopelessness to something our clients don’t have to worry about. For the webinar link and registration CLICK HERE. What it takes to correct scoliosis Yes, it takes […]



Sep, 2015

Posture, Life Expectancy, Heart Disease and Asthma.

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In 2014 it was reported that texting can lead to a shortened life. And this had nothing to do with distracted drivers; although, that is a problem. The report was related to the posture that your neck is in when you “assume the position” of texting. Also commonly referred to as “text neck”. Not even Apple’s great design team can protect you from that. . . . Earlier in the decade it was reported that poor posture leads to a 114% decrease in life expectancy in women. Another posture study […]