Oct, 2016

Post concussion syndrome and the nutrition that can heal you faster.

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Register here for our “Broken Brain Webinar” What researchers have know for a while Several years ago I was at a conference in Toronto and the keynote speaker was a central nerve system and nutrition expert. He shared a study that was almost 15 years old at the time, so I think it’s important to know that this information has been around for a while. Progressive neurologist were treating concussion with a combination of healthy fats and other supplements to radically reduce the recovery time of the athletes. Damage continues […]



Jul, 2016

Concussion is not all in your head

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Some stat’s on concussion. . . 3.8 million concussions recorded in the USA, that’s double the number in 2002. Nearly 500,000 children were concussed. One third of concussions happen during practice (often not attended by doctors or trainers who know how to properly manage concussion). 20% of high school athletes will experience concussion during the sporting season and one third of those athletes will have a second concussion during that same season. The highest growth of concussion rates is in middle school athletes. There are half as many concussions in […]