Aug, 2016

Searching for Megan version 2.0

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Happy Sad

It really is no secret, with my growing baby bump, that I am going to be going on maternity leave. Which means in the near future, Lighthouse Chiropractic is going to be taking affirmative action to hire. I am immensely grateful that I get to take time off to spend with my baby but the thought of Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Ken hiring someone to replace me made me incredibly sad and, yes, I almost cried (though the tears may have been partly fueled by all of the hormones).

As I was helping to edit the advertisement to hire myself and, admittedly, simultaneously thinking about what to blog about this month, I couldn’t help but think back to my psychology degree and why is it that I am so sad to be leaving Lighthouse (temporarily).

Who we see ourselves to be

We all hold multiple concepts of who we are: example, I can define myself as a wife, a daughter, a University graduate, a chiropractic assistant, and I could go on and on listing all the different lenses through which I view myself. These are known as self-schemas and they all work together to make up who I am and who each of you are.

And these schemas help us to more easily relate to other people and they help to create a firm image for ourselves of who we are. Where it becomes a problem for our mental well-being, is when one of these with which we strongly identify with is challenged and our self-image is threatened.

For example, when people start talking politics, even though I respect deeply the election process we have in Canada, and will always vote, politics is not something I strongly identify myself with. The voting process and politics matter to me because it is a tremendous honour that our forefathers fought for, but my political views don’t define me.

However, I am very passionate about my job and to me it is more than just a means to pay my bills. It is not a burden to get up at 5am because I know that I am helping to change people’s lives for the better. So going on leave for me it feels like part of my identity was about to be taken away by the new hire: there seemed to be a threat to my self-image.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Anonymous

We are looking for diversity and expansion, not duplication.

But Lighthouse isn’t looking to hire another me, I already work here and I am going to be coming back.

We are looking to hire someone who compliments the teams that we have here and fills in the gaps in order to make Lighthouse even more awesome. So, if you are reading this and thinking that being a chiropractic assistant is the right career choice for you (and believe me it is a fabulous job and the doctors here are incredible), please check out our Facebook page for the advanced listing and then come introduce yourself.