Results Visit and X-Rays

Your results visit at Lighthouse

Our doctors will discuss your report of findings after your examination.

If you are a candidate for corrective chiropractic care, your doctor will explain our report of findings process.

Depending on the severity of your problem your doctor may require you to attend your doctor’s report in the evening so your total attention can be on your case, rather than during our adjusting hours.

Why 2 different types of reports?

Our doctor’s have found that our report process need’s to be in line with your goals.

Some of our new clients just want to “get out of pain”, while other’s are looking to live The 100+Living Plan.

A report for symptom based care (just getting out of pain) takes 15-20 minutes.

The 100+Living orientation will take from 60-90 minutes. It will also contain your advanced posture class where you will receive specific home based exercises and home care instructions that are necessary for your correction.

During your first visit, your doctor will determine what your goals are and recommend the report that will meet your goals.

What if we took x-rays?

If x-rays were taken, your doctor will discuss them with you at your report.

If we are able to accept your case, we will then discuss your recommendations for care.

If you have a question prior to booking your initial consultation call our office at 250.870.9136 or send us an email at