Oct, 2016

Post concussion syndrome and the nutrition that can heal you faster.

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What researchers have know for a while

Several years ago I was at a conference in Toronto and the keynote speaker was a central nerve system and nutrition expert. He shared a study that was almost 15 years old at the time, so I think it’s important to know that this information has been around for a while.
Progressive neurologist were treating concussion with a combination of healthy fats and other supplements to radically reduce the recovery time of the athletes.

Damage continues to occur for hours and days

The research went on to explain how most of the damage from a concussion happens in the hours and day’s after the impact and if those first 3 weeks are not managed well, there could be permanent damage to brain tissue.
They gave the athletes 15 grams of fish oil, a combination of anti-oxidants and other brain building supplements to support the healing of the brain.

Secrets that should be shared with recovering athletes

Over the past 15 or 20 years more and more work has been done to help people recover from brain injury but unfortunately little is said in mainstream medicine.
In fact, I have worked with concussion specialists, never hearing them mention this strategy to the athletes we are working with. One doctor in particular, a world renowned concussion doctor (that many of you would recognize if I shared his name with you), after I showed him the research paper, said that yes he knew about this research and when I asked him why he didn’t recommend it to the kids we were working with, he just shrugged and left the room.
After that encounter my respect level for him downgraded considerably!

Why wouldn’t doctors want to share everything they know to help their patients recover?

With encounters like this, I just have to shake my head in wonder. Wonder at why a doctor, especially one who has built a career on supposedly helping athletes with concussion management, recommend simple nutritional advice to an injured athlete?
I just don’t understand this type of thinking, it’s selfish and certainly not about the patient in front of us.
So if I was recovering from a concussion I would do 3 weeks of;
  • 15 grams of fish oil like Carlson’t extra finest Norwegian fish oil
  • 5000IU of liquid vitamin D3 (pure encapsulations)
  • a pharmaceutical grade B Complex or a B Complex plus
  • 300-450 mg of Magnesium citrate or better a 50/50 split of citrate and glycinate
  • 21 grams of undenatured, unsweetened whey protein for adults (half that for children)
  • a good quality gender specific multi. (men’s or women’s formula) stay away from multi’s that contain copper — the research is showing some long term health issues with copper supplementation and it seems no amount is acceptable in your multi.
  • I would also add a table spoon of coconut oil each day as well.
  • curcurmin supplement (500mg pure encapsulations)

Too short a forum

A simple blog post is far to short a forum to explain this entire list so that is why I have prepared an entire webinar on the topic of “Broken Brain Syndrome”.

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Post concussion and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS are destroying families across North America and people are desperate for strategies that help.

I’ll be discussing what leading neurologist and healers are doing to help their patients stop and even reverse some of the damage from a broken brain.

Talk to you soon,

Dr. J

Register here for our “Broken Brain Webinar”