New to Lighthouse


What starting at Lighthouse can look like

An Initial Consultation and Exam begins with a discovery process.

Our doctors and team at Lighthouse believe you need to have the space and time to tell your health story. In fact we believe so strongly in you sharing your complete health history with our doctors that we have partnered with Carlton University to develop Qiro, The New Patient Experience.

The Qiro app has been designed with you in mind. Our Carlton researchers have created questions that bring out the information that will help our doctors come up with strategies that work. Click on the Icon to download the app to your iPad.

Make sure your iPad is running the most up to date iOS operating system.

Once you finish going through the app, submit the results to and we’ll take it from there. All you need to do is come for your initial visit and we will already have all your information.

If you don’t have an iPad then download our traditional paperwork, print and fill it out then bring it with you to your appointment. Adult New Patient Paperwork

Qiro is our most through history and will help the doctor understand your health concerns in more detail. It is worth the time and effort for our adult clients to use the Qiro app:)

For a family appointment make sure you have one set of forms for each child.

For children please print this form, (fill one out for each child) and bring it with you to your child’s appointment.

Child New Patient Form

How long will it take?

The Qiro New Patient Experience will take each adult approximately 15 minutes. The Initial Consultation and Exam takes around 45 minutes

This allows our team and doctors the necessary time to perform your consultation and exam in a more relaxed, thoughtful way.

If you have a question prior to booking your initial consultation call our office at 250.870.9136 or send us an email at

What you can expect your first day with us.

Your very first visit to our office will be a discovery process to determine the source of your health concerns.

Our doctors will discuss your health history with you and then conduct a thorough spinal and postural examination. This will reveal if any postural imbalances or spinal misalignments are affecting your nerve system.

If you require x-rays, your doctor will explain why they are necessary.

We perform all necessary x-rays on site so there is no waiting or additional appoints at another lab.

We look forward to seeing you!

If you have a question prior to booking your initial consultation call our office at 250.870.9136 or send us an email at