Jul, 2016

Did you know your nerve system could be impacting your sex drive?

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Have you heard it’s all about the headline?

Well, there’s a good chance, our headline caught your attention but don’t worry, this blog is far more than just an attention grabbing headline. This blog will give you some real solutions if you decide to read further.

How big is this problem?

In surveys of 27,000 men and women in 29 countries, some 30 to 40 percent of them reported a lack of interest in sex for several months that year. (livescience.com)

In addition, it is estimated that 50% of men suffer with erectile dysfunction.

Where does that leave us?

You can imagine, if both partners are suffering, this is really going to hurt a relationship long term.

A missing and often overlooked link

What we’re going to talk about in this blog is how your nerve system is a critical, and often an over looked component in ensuring your sex drive is where you and your partner would like it to be.

I know this is a sensitive topic. After all the hormone testing, heart rate monitoring, cardiovascular testing and counseling many of my patinets have had, some don’t even want to talk about it any more.

So the question becomes, “where do you turn”? I hope not to Google because that will just likely leave you overwhelmed and depressed.

Research over the last 50 years. . . .

Every once in a while a researcher stumbles across a really important finding in a study. That’s exactly what happened in the world of neurology by a doctor by the name of Alf Brieg.

And it’s Dr. Brieg’s research that we have based much of our understanding of manual medicine on for the last few decades.

Dr. Brieg’s discovery

What Dr. Brieg discovered is that when your spine, skull or pelvis is misaligned it will cause tension on your central nerve system and that tension will interfere with the nerve supply to your organs. Whither you feel pain or not.

Answering your question about your neurology, lower back and neck pain

There are two big red flags when low libido (sex drive) accompany low back or neck pain.

Other than the obvious discomfort that physical intimacy can produce in a sensitive lower back, the nerves from the lower back in both men and women supply the reproductive organs and adrenals.

According to Dr. Brieg’s research (as far back as the 1950’s) the tension on the spinal cord can cause havoc with your reproductive organs.

So the bones that are designed to protect the delicate nerves actually interfere with them and can not only cause back pain but also can interfere with sex drive and sex organ function.

When your back pain is also a pain in the butt

If your lower back pain travels down into the buttock (and one or both legs) then that’s your #1 warning sign that the nerves to the reproductive organs can be at risk.

A shot to the kidney’s

If you feel your lower back pain is more in the area of your kidneys, a spinal misalignment could be impacting your adrenal glands. And this is a biggie.

The reason your adrenal glands are so important in sex drive, is because your adrenals main job description is hormone production.

And as millions of people can attest, if you’re hormones are out of balance, libido is generally out the window. Not to mention a whole host of other health issues.

Why is this such a missing link when it seems logical?

The question that I often get in my office is, “how did this happen to me”?

Sitting at work is as damaging as an accident

More and more I’m talking to people about how much sitting they are doing. Whither it’s at work, in the car, on the couch or at the diner table, we are siting for more hours than ever.

Most people assume that a spinal issue only happens with a car accident, sports or work injury. And that is true, but more commonly we are seeing that daily lifestyle habits contribute significantly to spinal imbalance and nerve system problems.

Hey doc, I’ve got to tell you something. . .

I still remember the day when an older gentleman pulled me aside during a busy shift and in a hushed tone said that he wasn’t suffering with erectile dysfunction anymore and he wanted to know if it was from the work we were doing to restore his nerve system.

After the initial shock of the conversation, I said to him that it did make sense based on the areas of his spine that we were working on and then I said why didn’t you tell me you were having trouble during our initial exam. His response was fairly matter of fact. “Why would I, what’s a chiropractor got to do with that?”

And yes, he’s right. Today’s chiropractic has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction, low sex drive or infertility. But as a nerve system specialist, a chiropractor goes after the block to the nerve that supplies those organs. AND on the way to beating your neck and low back pain we get to see the body heal.

And sometimes it’s in dramatic fashion.

Co-management is the key

If you are struggling with low sex drive and you feel you’ve tried everything then maybe it’s time to see how your nerve system is performing. Co-managing your care with a qualified chiropractor is a very smart decision.

Many chiropractors have taken extensive training in the area of neurology and structural correction and have experience co-managing hormonal and low libido cases. It’s worth asking around to find a chiro that can add this level of expertise to your health care team.

If there is a misalignment in your spine, if you are suffering with lower back pain and your frustrated with your sex drive then a chiro consultation could be the final piece in the puzzle for success for you and your partner.