About Jenna

Environmental Control Specialist

What do you look for in your health professionals?

Do you know how when you go into your doctors or dentists office, it can be dreary and grey, and you may not be very excited?

I try to create the opposite environment of that at Lighthouse Chiropractic.

Celebrating Milestones

People should be celebrating the amazing milestones that they are able to overcome, and I love knowing that I am contributing to creating a positive experience in helping people with their health and wellness!

What fuels me to do my best everyday

I love knowing that Ken is out on the green playing golf every week, and that Joan is taking her little dog out for long walks. I love knowing that we have created a friendly environment for Diane, and that Raistlin loves running in for his adjustments after school. I love knowing that the Lewis kids are paddling in their boat with no troubles, and that Jessie is able to come home after a long day of work out without pain in her shoulder. I love that Ariel is winning bronze, silver and gold medals, that Nick won the long-drive competition, and Troy is still able to windsurf, weight train, and ski after an injury.

I love knowing that I am changing lives here at Lighthouse, because a life only half full has room for so much more.

Like Megan, I also come from a Psychology background. I did my undergraduate degree at York University in Toronto, but relocated to Kelowna at the end of autumn 2016 after driving across the country and falling in love with the beautiful landscapes, the friendly and active community, and the lush vineyards that stretch on as far as the eye can see.

Todays Chiropractic is totally different

Working for Lighthouse was my first real introduction to proper chiropractic care, and I know that I won’t be without it again. I enjoy knowing that my health is in my own hands, and I along with everyone we help, is on the right track towards true wellness.

So if you’re looking for a great health care strategy and experience then give us a call, I’d love to meet you.