Apr, 2015

How to beat Cardiovascular Disease by not focusing on the Cardiovascular System

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Currently, our health care system in Canada is one of of “disease management” and symptom care.

We’ve been conditioned to accept when what we “see or feel” is the actual problem.

Then when “whatever” is drawing our attention is gone (a symptom or a lab result), we move on.

But the underlying problem has never been addressed.

That’s why 40% of people who die of heart disease in Canada, their first and last symptom is the heart attack that kills them. (Heart and Stroke, 2015)

Blaming our Cardiovascular System is short sighted and missing the mark

Just like blaming firemen for a fire (because they are at the scene of the fire). It’s equally wrong to blame our cardiovascular system for all the heart disease we see in Canada today. (for more clarity on that see my blog on Fireman here)

And based on our current results in Canada with Heart Disease, we’re missing something huge. We’ve oversimplified the condition and as we’ve already seen, the very experts who came up with the theory are saying, hold on a minute, there is more to the story. (see myth #1 and myth #2 of heart disease)

Open your mind to a different point of view

If the lights in your kitchen all went out at the same time, or at least the lights over the countertop. Then we noticed that the appliances that are plugged in along the same wall also have no power.

I don’t think anyone would start to replace light bulbs or call in an electrician to change out the receptacles.

Most of us would track down the electrical panel and check the breaker.

Our current cardiac strategy is to focus all the attention on clearing out the arteries and throwing the person back into their destructive lifestyle, never really dealing with the root causes of the problem.

We never really ask why is this happening? We focus on the what, never the why?

But to understand the why behind disease, we need to understand how your body, the cardiovascular system in particular was created.

How you became you

We really don’t have much of a clue as to how you go from two half cells at conception to literally hundreds of thousands of cells at 21 day’s of life. But at 3 weeks of life a rudimentary nerve system has been created.

I read a great article from the University of Michigan’s Medical School on the first 21 day’s of life. It didn’t provide any insight on what is happening, it did say that if anything happens to the embryo during that time, you’re basically hooped.

From the beginning, your nervous system creates everything. That’s where this term “innate intelligence” comes from. This inborn neurological intelligence that creates every cell, tissue and organ from undifferentiated cells at 3 weeks of life.

But it doesn’t leave you on the day you are born.

As parents, we don’t need to do anything other than supply a baby love, nurturing, quality food and water and 18 years later, you’re 38+ trillion cells, 11 organ systems, all under the control and coordination of the nervous system.

We behave like the body losses it’s power once we’re born.

But in Canada, we behave like the body doesn’t have this incredible power to heal, create and re-create.

We start injecting our babies, putting devices through ear drums and removing critical portions of the immune system (tonsils and appendix) before we even hit puberty.

We tinker and add this chemical, or that chemical. Remove parts or whole organ systems. And really, all we’re doing is messing with intricate organ systems that we know very little about.

Then we wonder why we aren’t living to our potential and feel “ripped off” or disappointed when our body seemingly fails us.

The truth is, if we focused on removing interference to the nerve system, continue to provide the essentials like daily physical activity, quality food and water, the body would look after it’s self quite nicely.

Our body is created as a self healing, self regulating organism, right from day 1. (or at least from 21 day’s of life, when we start to understand a tiny bit about it).

Back to the lights going out

So why wouldn’t checking the “breaker panel” to see if the power to the cardiovascular system is on, be on our top 3 list of to do’s when it comes to preventing heart disease?

It makes no sense to ignore the panel in our homes, and it makes even less sense when it comes to our bodies.

Your spine is designed to protect your nerve channels, but through postural problems, impacts like car accidents, slips and falls or even patterns we inherit from our parents our spine starts to put pressure on those delicate nerves and interfere with innate intelligence and the power that God put in our bodies to heal our bodies and keep it running well.

We’re quick to blame nutrition, stress and outside forces but we don’t take the time to assess the master system, the nerve system, the system that powers our entire cardiovascular system. And from 21 day’s of life had a hand in creating it.

We’ve lost the belief in our body healing from the inside and put our trust in chemicals and surgeries.

This is quite possibly one of the most arrogant positions we could take. We actually believe “we” know more than the inborn innate intelligence that created our bodies in the first place. And you know what they say about pride and arrogance.

Pride comes before a fall

If we continue to only look at the cardiovascular system and look no further, we’re going to continue to see astronomical numbers of death’s from heart disease. Even in people with really good nutrition and look health on the outside.

Our current Canadian health philosophy is a simplistic view of the human body that really doesn’t serve us but does have us popping pills at an incredible rate. We’re smarter than that but it takes thinking differently about how the human body works to break free from these arrogant beliefs.

Today’s corrective chiropractic clears the channels so your body can heal and function.

I’m finding it is often the missing link in a solid strategy to prevent disease. And when I explain this to my new patient’s they say, of course this makes perfect sense.

I would love to hear from you on this topic, so please leave a comment below. I learn so much from your experiences.