Aug, 2015

How does today’s chiropractic help with vision problems?

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Blurred Vision and Visual Acuity Healed

This week I had a great conversation with a client, Mario, who started care about 5 months ago. He told me that his vision is better since beginning care.

He was curious as to how that happened, so I shared with him some research from the 1990’s where an ophthalmologist and chiropractor teamed up to determine if adjusting the spine could have an effect on the eyes. These two doctors proceeded to produce some of the most prolific data in decades on how chiropractic can help visual problems. 1

The sad thing is that was 1995, 20 years ago.

I have not seen it in scientific journals, newspaper articles or even Facebook posts. . . . where and why would such ground breaking research just vanish?

Between the cost of laser eye surgery and the hassle of wearing glasses, you would think people would do just about anything to improve their vision naturally.

I can’t explain why the 1990’s research didn’t cause a stir but Mario’s conversation with me sparked this article: I hope will help someone with their visual problems.

Macular Degeneration Reversing

Another client from several years ago, Suzanne, was under medical supervision for macular degeneration and every year she would bring in her latest scans. I’m no eye specialist but she showed me that from year to year there was improvement.

She told me, before she started chiropractic care, each year her scans were only getting worse. With chiropractic, her peripheral vision was going from black to grey to white. That’s how the scans showed up. Little squares that registered how much “vision happened” in that area of the eye. Black was no vision, grey was poor vision, and white was normal vision.

It was exciting to see the scans each year as more and more white showed up on Suzanne’s test results.

And there’s lots of research to show why this was happening. 2 3 4 5 6

Each year she was getting more and more of her peripheral vision back. It really was quite remarkable to see the changes over time.

So where is this all going?

No matter what organ system, your body does better with no blocks to your nerve system. Expressing your full health and obtaining authentic natural healing only happens with a healthy nerve connection.

All Healing Starts and Ends with the Nervous System

Your brain stem, spinal cord, and spinal nerves are the conduit for healing and life to every organ, cell, and tissue in your body. The source is the brain and the magnificent neurology locked inside your skull.

Today’s chiropractic is all about removing the blocks to those delicate nerves, restoring your spinal posture, and ensuring that every signal gets to where it needs to go.

In these research studies it’s all about vision, but it’s equally important for you heart, lungs, and digestive organs. And yes, I have some crazy stories about those organ systems healing over the past 20 years as well.

It’s hard for the average person to understand the magnitude of healing that is possible when the nerve system is properly cared for and for some of my clients it is hard to believe; if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have a hard time believing it too!

All I can say is, you can’t argue with real experiences: you can’t argue with blood work or medical tests that are changing for the positive, even when the “experts” are saying that they have no explanation why.

The sad thing is that these “experts” can’t seem to bring themselves to say that everyone needs to ensure their nerve system is properly cared for (whether or not they fully understand the results that can accompany chiropractic care).

We can be an arrogant bunch and many doctors have a really hard time saying, even though they don’t understand something, it’s still valuable and effective.

You Have To Take Action Personally. Don’t Wait For Your Doctor to “Get It”

That is why it’s up to the individual to make up their mind to find a great corrective chiropractor to assess their nerve system and see where there are blocks.

And that will help EVERY organ system in your body, including vision.

We want to help

If you need help connecting with a corrective doctor in your area, comment below and we will try our best to point you in the right direction. We want everyone to experience their best health and not just have these kinds of results for the few. Leave a comment and we’ll do our best. If you live in our area, we would be happy to sit down with you and discuss this in more detail.

If you have a loved one who struggles with difficult health issues that the “experts” are having a hard time figuring out, please send them this post; it may help them understand how critical nerve system health is and get them the solution that only today’s chiropractic can provide.


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