Apr, 2015

Childhood Ear Infections, what you absolutely need to know.

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This week my wife, Jan was out with a neighbour who just recently had a baby so there was a lot of baby talk. But the conversation Jan was recounting was one about our neighbour’s oldest.

I saw little Maria as an infant for a year to stabilize and strengthen her immune system.

If chiropractic for immune function is a new concept for you then keep reading my blog and you’ll get all the science you will need to understand over time. In the mean time you can look at the references I’ve included below. 1 2

Back to our story.

Maria’s mom and dad were resistant to follow through with the family doctor’s advice to put tubes in her ears.

In combination with the care Maria was getting with chiropractic adjustments, they chose to fight the infections with eardrops and some other recommendations from their Naturopath.

It caused quite a bit of friction between this family and their family doctor, but they persevered.

Several months into chiropractic adjustments and the recommendations from the Naturopath, Maria’s ear infections stopped. Something we see often. 3 4

After Maria stoped care I lost track of the story, here’s where Jan’s conversation picks up.

A year or so after I adjusted Maria last, her mom and dad were concerned about her hearing. She was talking really loud and it seemed a bit over the top. So they decided to have her hearing checked. So back to the family doctor and off to the ear, nose and throat specalist (ENT).

Sure enough, Maria had suffered with hearing loss from the recurrent ear infections. There was scar tissue on her eardrums.

But here’s where the story get’s really interesting.

The ear specialist said that often times the ear drum can repair the scar tissue and the child’s hearing comes back to 100%.

And again, little Maria perservered and in another year has full hearing back.

The ironic thing is the ear specialist said to mom and dad that it was a good thing they didn’t do tubes because with tubes the hearing never comes back like it does with people who refuse the tubes.

Then Jan tells me, duing their walk, our neighbour stops and turns to Jan and say’s “If they know that, then why would they recommend tubes in the first place?”

My wife was a pediatric nurse for several years before she had enough of the “system”, she didn’t have an answer. Neither do I.

So the moral of the story. Stick to your guns.

Of course do you homework and make sure you are acting logically. And also make sure you have a skilled chiropractor on your families team to quarterback the nervous system function for your children.

There are things that drugs and surgery are appropriate for, the majority of childhood ear infections is not one of them.

I strongly advise parents look at the research, have their children examined by a good chiropractor and don’t do things that are not logical.

For some reason we have things completely reversed in our culture where we reach for the pill or the scalpel first. If that doesn’t do the trick we try conservative methods like chiropractic after. That’s backwards.

Anyone out there had to fight the “good fight” with their doctor so they could do what they felt made more sense to them? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.



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