Feb, 2016

Heart Disease Strategies that Actually Work

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What would a chiropractor know about heart disease?

More than you think I would know. And more than I want to know.

Strategies for Heart Disease from a Concerned Chiropractor

It all started last year with a phone call from my mom. My dad was playing hockey with his old timer’s hockey team and suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack.

Fortunately the team acted fast, used a defibrillator, and brought him back to life.

I got to the hospital as fast as I could and the next few day’s were a blur.

Heart Disease Management Really Hasn’t Changed in 30 Years

As a chiropractor, how I was practicing 20 years ago was completely different than what I do today.

Technology, science and our understanding of the human nerve system has expended exponentially.

Why then do we still use drugs and surgery to deal with heart disease, when experts estimate that heart disease is 80% lifestyle? Why are we still using tools and strategies that are decades old?

I don’t have an answer for all those questions BUT I do know that if we had followed the advice of the medical doctors (no matter how well meaning they were) my dad’s quality of life would be horrible today.

Now, don’t think for a minute that I’m not thankful for the cardiologist who did my dad’s surgery BUT if my dad continued to follow that same doctor’s advice he’d be on handfuls of medications with horrible side effects and most likely die from complications related to the very medications that are supposed to be saving his life.

Strategies out of Desperation

We were not going to let my dad waste away so I stated to research. I would spend my time between patients on the phone with nutrition experts. When their answers ran out, I’d ask them who else I could talk to.

I took “natural” doctors to lunch and picked their brain, I don’t know how many hundreds of dollars I spent on Amazon.ca ordering books.

I read hundreds of articles on line, watched hours of video —

The Strategies Became Clear

This part was a surprise. I though I would be months coming to some conclusions to help my dad. But the more experts I talked to, the clearer and simpler it became.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Have a Rock Solid Education

This is where all the blood, sweat and tears of university and a solid chiropractic education paid off.

As a chiropractor, the traditional route is through a kinesiology degree. I choose cellular biology.

Biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, genetics, advanced cellular biology. . . all the subjects my kinesiology friends thought I was nuts to take on my way to becoming a chiropractor.

I have never been so thankful for all those mind numbing classes and brutal exams.


Because the science makes complete sense to me. I understand the biochemistry of inflammation so I know why statins don’t work.

I understand cellular biology so I know why cholesterol is the wrong target.

I understand why certain nutrients work, and others don’t.

I can read advanced research papers in epigenetics and understand why stress is changing our genetic code and contributing to heart disease.

Why it Seemed so Logical and Simple to Me.

Now, understand, I don’t think I’m a genius. I was just fortunate to speak to a lot of really smart people and I have enough common sense and intelligence to see what they were talking about makes perfect sense.

More sense than what the cardiologist was telling my family.

Learn What a Chiropractor Figured out About Heart Disease

I’ve taken what we are doing with my dad and I’m sharing it with you. I’m putting it all together in a Webinar and giving it all away for FREE.

My only regret is that it almost took my dad’s life for me to turn my attention towards heart disease.

I’ve been so focused on neurology for 20 years that I really wasn’t to concerned about heart disease.

But now, I can help other families avoid the fear we went through.

And I can help you build strategies that your family doctor doesn’t know (or doesn’t want to explore). And I can help you understand how neurology is a critical element of beating heart disease.

So maybe a chiropractor is EXACTLY the best person to give you strategies to beat heart disease for good.

What you can do, what’s your best strategy?

The #1 thing you can do is get on the webinar AND the #2  thing is to share this post with everyone you know.

Anyone with a family history of heart disease.

Anyone that has already had a brush with heart disease.

OR anyone who knows there’s a more intelligent way to deal the heart disease.

So, yes I’m a chiropractor so you can “wright me off” as not knowing anything about heart disease OR you can take my advice as a desperate son who want’s his dad to live a long and healthy life and see his grandkids grow up and be around for their kids too.

Of course it’s your choice, but I’d love to have you join us.

Hope to talk to you soon,

Dr. J