About Dr. Hailey

Dr. Hailey Kanester, ND is a naturopathic physician in Kelowna, BC.

She completed an undergraduate double-Major in Psychology and Nutrition from McGill University, and a doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Hailey is devoted to exceptional patient care.

Her previous experience in support group facilitation psychiatric and nutritional research, mind body coaching, dietary counselling and high level athletic training in soccer and triathlon have contributed to her passion for naturopathic medicine.

She strives to inspire her patients to explore how far their health can take them. Working with Dr. Hailey involves treating disharmonies within all levels of body and mind.

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Dr. Hailey has a few special passions within medicine.

One being the brain-gut connection, treatment of disordered eating, brain chemistry balance, cognition and concussion recovery.

With experience in the field comprising more than 13 years of work, experience and study she provides comprehensive medical management, treatment and support for individuals working towards health.

She is a member of the Centre for Mindful Eating, and the International Academy for Eating Disorders, and works closely with other professionals to strengthen the process of healing.

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Her current focus in practice

Her current practice also includes patients with a broad range of health concerns, including:

  • brain -> gut connection, digestive healing
  • hormone balance, through all ages and stages
  • optimization of athletic performance and endurance
  • prenatal and optimal pregnancy programs
  • longevity and wellness programs
  • healthy body composition program
  • brain chemistry balancing, mood and cognition

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