Apr, 2015

Chiropractic for Children, the Basics.

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After I’ve adjusted a baby, there’s a good chance that the next couple of clients I see in that block will ask me, is chiropractic really safe for kids?

Then I go on to explain that the greatest benefit for any health change is in the 0-6 age range. Especially when we’re talking chiropractic and nerve system.

I’d love if I checked every child in Kelowna duing those years because, just like investing for university, the earlier we make a deposit, the greater the return on the investment.

0-6 is critical for nervous system developement, brain growth and basically set’s you up for a healthier life.

Spinal deformity also can begin a path that will derail even the best intentioned parents.

Because there is so much going on during these formative years it is imperrative that the spine be properly aligned.

Every day that passes, nerve interference because of postural problems will keep a child from building a healthy, strong body, brain and nerve system.

Here is a quote from Dr. Peet from the forward of the “Chiropractic Pediatric and Prenatal Reference Manual 2nd Edition”. Understand, this is written to chiropractors,

“In your practic right now, you probably have childern that are developing colon cancer, that will manifest in 50 years if you don’t adjust them now. You probably have patients with children with leukemia, and if they knew about how chiropractic restores normal function and allows the body to heal, would bring their children to you for care. After all DD and BJ Palmer (chiropractors). . . dealt with cancer, dropsy, blindness and sick people.”

This may seem like a strong statement but when I help a baby with colic, those are the same nerves that are realted to asthma.

When I adjust an infant that is struggling with constipation, those are the same spinal regions that are connected to irritable bowel, colitis and eventual bowel cancer later in life.

When I help an infant that is having trouble latching equally on both sides when breast feeding, that same spinal level is realted to autoimmune dysfunction and depression in adults.

When I adjust a child suffering with ear infections, we know that balance and co-ordiation will be better as an adult because those same nerves supply the vestibular system.

The formative years are incredible when we are doing the right things, but they can be devistating if we’re not.

Here’s a recent testimony about an infant that was suffering from colic.

My wife and I are extremely blessed to have 3 kids who were fortunate enough to have chiropractic from birth. We know their health now has an incredible advantage, and we see it in their development, their intelligence and their ability to resist and beat sickness.

Our time and energy deposits when they were young are paying off now.

My heart breaks when people in my own practice are suprised when I’m adjusting kids, it tells me I haven’t done a good enough job in educating my clients on how powerful a properly delivered chiropractic adjustment is.

Like Dr. Peet infered earlier in his quote, we can either get the nerve system functioning in an infant or deal with things like cancer, dropsy, blindness and sickness in adults.

I’d sooner take the time early in life to set the stage for success, than deal with horrible sickness and disease in adults. 1

If chiropractic for kids is a new or confusing concept for you then I’d encourage you to give us a call or even leave a comment at the end of this blog for us to respond to.

Our office number is 250-870-9136 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you want to schedule a chiro assessment for your children, we can do that too.

We see all ages from birth to people in their 80 and 90’s. My only frustration is that with adults we are always starting from behind.

Leadership guru John Maxwell say’s “You never have to recover from a great start” and that is 100% true when it comes to today’s chiropractic and childern.



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