Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular Chiropractic Visits*

We understand that for you to fit another commitment into your life it takes a lot of coordination.

Never before have people had so many demands on their time. That is why we make it a policy to run on time and to not waste your time.

When it only takes a couple of minutes to deliver a specific, chiropractic adjustment, we will not keep you waiting.

Your time is extremely valuable

We understand that your time is valuable. No one has time to spend 30 minutes doing a 15 minute job. Besides, when an adjustment is delivered properly, you’re body is healing in between adjustments.

Our policy is a “15 minute door slam”.

For a regular visit* you can expect to be back to your vehicle and off to your next appointment in 15 minutes.

The great thing is that we’ve developed a way to do it where you feel cared for and not rushed.

Not rushed but efficient and effective

Of course if you have more time, we’re not kicking you out the door:) But for a busy mother of 3, our executives or business owners, our 15 minute policy is a God send!

*regular visits are for an adjustment only visit. Visits where we need to check your posture, do an update x-ray or give you update results from a recent exam, may take longer.

We want to answer your questions

If you have a question prior to booking your initial consultation call our office at 250.870.9136 or send us an email at