Oct, 2016

Broken Brain Syndrome; How to treat your body and heal your brain.

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Webinar Release Date: Tuesday November 1st, 2016

“Scientific studies suggest that only about 25% of how long we live is dictated by genes, the other 75% is determined by our lifestyles and the everyday choices we make.”  from The Blue Zones; 9 lessons for living longer from the people who’ve lived the longest.
Other sources I have read have used a number closer to 80/20 and some even 90/10. So the science is clear, lifestyle plays a much bigger part in living to 100 and expanding your HEALTH SPAN than genetics.

Lifestyle choices trump genetics every time!

But if you ask the average Canadian about how much of an influence genes have on their long term health and longevity, sadly most will say it’s the other way around. They believe that it’s 75% genetics and 25% lifestyle.
The problem that stem’s from this way of thinking is that when people believe that their health issues are mostly genetic, it robs them of the motivation to take control of their health and do something about it. It also steals their hope that they can do anything about their future and that is a horrible (and dangerous) place to be.

How this is connected to traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative conditions?

I see the exact same limiting belief’s around the topic of our next webinar. Whither it’s post concussion, early onset Alzheimer’s or other brain disorders.
People have a hard time believing that their damaged brain can heal; and they certainly aren’t hearing that from their health providers. If fact many mainstream doctors and brain injury specialists are quick to say that any doctor saying that there is hope for recovery is a charlatan or snake oil salesman.
Our webinar will show you exactly what leading brain recovery experts are doing, particularly outside of North America. We pour billions of dollars into health care in North America, we spend very little of that in the area of authentic prevention.
So just because your health provider may not know about prevention, it’s happening and I believe you deserve to know so you can start making better health choices for your long term health.

Once you boil an egg

One researcher that I recently heard said that the North American approach to brain injury is like trying to un-boil an egg. We wait until the protein structure of the brain is permanently damaged and then try and throw a medication at it and wonder why nothing works.
Once the brain is permanently altered we are stuck, and no medication in the world is going to change that, so this webinar is going to be teaching you what you can do before it’s too late.
And some of the research I am going to share is how progressive doctors and care givers are reversing some of the damage that we once thought was beyond repair.

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Here is the registration link and I’m looking forward to having you with us on the 1st.
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