About Dr. J

About Dr. J

I am a chiropractor, speaker, blogger and author.

I help motivated but overwhelmed families with simple and effective strategies that rebuild their health so they can focus on what matters most.

For me it’s loving my family and following my purpose. As a husband and father of 3, family is a high priority for me. In fact that’s my motive for most of what I do as a chiropractor.

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As a chiropractor, the way I run my chiropractic practice and the advice I give is based on one question. “Would this be what I would do or say for my wife, my kids and extended family?”

If I can’t answer yes to that question then I don’t recommend it to my clients.

This website and my blog is an extension of my chiropractic purpose.

I’ve seen hundreds, possibly thousands of families over the last 20+ years of private practice that are desperately in need of authentic health care strategies.

As a 100+Living blog reader (or if you hear me at a speaking engagement), you will get exactly what I advise my clients.

Basic, not easy or common

Don’t think that just becasue we talk about the basics, it means easy.

If you choose to follow the 100+Living Plan you may also find your friends and extended family may not understand your choices. 100+Living is not about following the crowd. It’s about following what works.

Remember that cliche, “the thing about common sense is that it’s not very common.”

Clinical Excellence

Never stop learning is more than just a catch phrase at Lighthouse. It is an integral part of our culture. If I am going to be in the service of people I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to pursue the highest level of training in the modern field of chiropractic.

That is why I am one of just a handful of Canadian doctors that is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics. I continue to study every year to advance my certification and understanding of proper spinal biomechanics and neurology.

At present, there are over 195 peer reviewed scientific studies supporting the Chiropractic Biophysics Spinal Analysis and Treatment protocols. Which is far more research than many commonly accepted health care strategies used in our Canadian Health Care System everyday by physicians of all types.

I believe the key to success in helping people get and stay well is to start with an accurate diagnosis and plan of attack.

Noise in the atmosphere

Modern day healthcare has become a noisy place. There are a lot of voices demanding your attention.

That’s where I come in. To help you filter out the noise and make the choices that will give you the greatest results.

In The 100+Living Plan you will learn the essentials to living a long and healthy life.

You decide on how you utilize the life you have been given.

Following the 100+Living Plan will help you break free of the confusion and noise.

Freedom and Real Healthcare

My goal is to help you become one of the healthiest families that you know.

For me that means freedom; freedom to live a life that is significant, not preoccupied or obsessed with health.

We keep it simple, effective and guilt free.

Those may be new words for you to associate with healthcare but that’s where 100+Living is different.

I’d love if you were inspired to simplify your health care to only what works.

Join my family and I in starting your journey of simple, straightforward health choices that can set your family free to do what matters most to you.

What I’ve been studying and learning lately. . . .

For my most recent post graduate course load and post graduate studies, click HERE.

For my reading list (just for fun), click HERE.

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