Apr, 2016

3 Teas That Can Help Prevent Cancer; and what would a Kelowna Chiropractor know?

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Over the last few months I’ve been finding I’m meeting with a lot more people for various reasons. In fact this past week I had 4 different meetings outside my normal “day to day” chiropractic clients.

My mission is to meet with as many people as I can to share what today’s chiropractic can do and I want to become the Kelowna Chiropractor that answers people’s questions scientifically and accurately.

And of course, when we have these meetings, the “socially responsible” business person has a coffee:)

If you’ve been reading my blog for long you’ll know that I’m not against coffee, but I generally recommend if you are going to have your coffee, do it in the morning and just stick to the one cup a day. Enjoy it for what it is, don’t get caught using it as a stimulant.

Several cups a day will eventually damage your adrenal’s and effect your brain biochemistry.

What I was noticing personally

With all these meetings I noticed my coffee consumption was creeping up so I began the switch back to green tea as a substitute in these meetings.

There have been season’s in my life where I have been religious on having green tea every day and now that I’m back at it I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it.

So with my renewed passion for green tea, and our recent beating cancer webinar (that has been getting lots of super positive feed back) I thought I would share this article I came across with you.

It’s from the creators of a documentary/series I am watching called “The Truth about Cancer”. By the way. . . .I will be sharing with you what I am learning in that BUT it has to be practical and scientific.

So that mean’s what is “off the wall”, crazy expensive or just not true, I am going to filter out:)

If you want to find out more about the series (or watch it yourself), here is the LINK.

And for the ORIGINAL LINK for the tea article CLICK HERE.

Here’s my summary of the article.

The article looked at three different teas and the science behind how these teas lower your overall risk of getting cancer.

Green Tea

Green tea contains many naturally occurring “bioactive” compounds. These natural compounds act in specific ways on our body to prevent cancer and other diseases. Bioactive compounds in green tea have high antioxidant activity and they act to neutralize harmful “free radicals” in our body.

What does the science say? 1 2

  • Green tea slows down or completely prevents growth of cancer cells
  • Blocks formation of new blood vessels that cancers need to feed themselves with nutrients
  • May protect the body’s cells against ultraviolet (UV) damage
  • May boost the immune system
  • Triggers natural detox enzymes in our body that help to protect against cancer formation

While regular green tea consumption is recommended for lowering cancer risk, its effectiveness in people who are already suffering from various forms of cancer is unclear at present.

However, because of its lack of toxicity and numerous anti-cancer properties, it is both acceptable and advisable to consume two to three cups of green tea daily.

It would be reasonable to expect that a preventive therapy that can help to lower cancer risk might also help prevent the progression of the disease.

Dandelion Tea

The lowly dandelion weed has been used for centuries as an alternative herbal remedy to treat infections, lower inflammation, increase bile flow and correct liver problems. It is also considered to be an effective mild laxative, along with improving appetite and digestion.

Recently, very promising studies have shown that extracts of the dandelion flower, leaves, and root – all of which are used to make healthy teas – contain bioactive compounds with potential anti-cancer properties. 3

Until more research results are available, health experts say that it’s perfectly fine to drink a cup or two of dandelion flower, leaf, or root tea daily as a preventive therapy, because of its near-complete lack of toxicity.

Chaga Mushroom Tea

The chaga mushroom has been used for many years in folk medicine in Siberia and other parts of Russia, Poland, and many Baltic countries. Chaga is used as a cleansing agent as well as to treat stomach diseases, worms, liver and heart conditions – and even cancer.

Chaga mushroom extracts have been shown to kill human lung, glial, and colon cancer cells in laboratory studies without harming normal non-cancerous cells.

“Strains of these mushrooms demonstrated low toxicity and a strong antiviral effect” against influenza, smallpox and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, Russian researchers reported. 4

While these initial results are very promising, clinical trials are still needed to verify chaga’s safety and effectiveness as a potential cancer treatment in humans.

Health experts warn that it is not advisable to drink chaga mushroom tea if you are using a blood thinning drug or if you’re on blood sugar-lowering medications.

Final recommendations

To be on the safe side, be sure to consult your physician before adding this particular healthy tea to your daily diet, especially if you already have a pre-existing health condition.

The challenge I find is many of my patients ask their family doctor about natural health solutions but are only given a “blank stare” in return (or worse an negative backlash).

It’s like they don’t like you thinking for yourself. . . .My recommendation is to do your homework, talk to a naturopath or an alternative health provider who can validate your research or expand your perspective.

If you are fortunate enough to have a family doctor who is well read on natural remedies then congratulations, thank them for their extra diligence but my experience is that these doc’s are few and far between.

Hopefully as the “old guard” retire, new doctors will return to respecting natural remedies and be more open minded about less toxic strategies to aid health and longevity. The pharmaceutical industry has done a very good job of beating that out of today’s practice of modern medicine.

Your best health mentor

I truly believe that your best health mentor is an up to date chiropractor. Today’s chiropractor has emerged as the leader in the natural health solution arena.

A chiropractor who is constantly educating their community on neurology, fitness and nutrition is a wealth of knowledge for you and your family.

A chiropractor is far more than just a therapist with a lot of extra education, they are doctors who focus on getting to the root cause of your health issue and then work to rebuild your nerve system so your body can heal from the inside out, the way it was perfectly designed in the first place.

If you are tired of health strategies that are just scratching the surface: if you want true, authentic, inside out healing, then todays chiropractic is for you.

If you are having trouble finding a chiropractor in your area that specializes in postural correction then connect with us. Leave a comment below or contact us at our office (250-870-9136) and we’ll try our best to connect you with a chiropractor in your area that does corrective work.


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